9 Aralık 2014 Salı

Who Am I?

who am i miss tiffany english letters

ho am i? Why i am writing english? You're wondering, aren't you? I will announce my voice to people in English. I'm sorry if i do mistakes the grammar.

      My name is Miss Tiffany but this is nickname. Because if i use my identity name, i lick the dust! I'm from Turkey, i'm turk, and i live in Turkey, Istanbul! I'm a woman but trans woman. Actually both are the same thing. There is only one difference between the women and transgender-women. Transgender women are born in male body. REALLY, the only difference is that!

      I'm a Turkish Transgender Woman but i don't started my sex reassignment surgery. So i have to act like a man, unfortunately. I have to go as well as continuous. In this case, extremely bad for my life! Very hard to act like someone you're not! I can't describe with examples of it! :( Whatever... There are many negative effects on my soul and my body, for example i am extremely angry because i have to lie about my gender, for another example is i think i'm going crazy but  i know it's not true think.

      Turkey is Europe's most trans murdered countries. Before they have sex, and then will regret it! They contradiction themselves and declare for offenders to trans women. We have a patriarcal state structure. Therefore Judges favoring the killer in our decision. This and many more trans murders is increasing because of violation of rights. To our killers' day is dawing! More trans woman suffers attacks, more! But there is one thing they do not know... We are born again, but we do not kill bits :)

      I don't expect you to understand me! Just a little empathetic connect to me, it is enough! I will say 3 things; Continue reading my blog, Follow me, Thanks!
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8 yorum:

  1. I feel very lucky to met you! You are a really good writer, an activist and a unique human-being!

    I wish you have your woman body and woman ID as soon as possible!

    Never give up! Just believe in you!!!

  2. Genel totoş hali olarak ingilizcem iyi ama okuyup çevirmeye üşendim. Üç defa gittim geldim öyle okudum :D

  3. @sekeroğlan uuuu :3 we have same feels.

    Oh, really? Thank you baby, you too

    I cried when i Read your Comment. Thank you my brother :') I don't give up!

    @exodya ay okuması da yazması da sinir bozucu ve baş ağrıtıcı Dimi ama? Peki nasıl buldun Yazımı?

  4. I'm sorry, I speak bad english. 75 I took the exam bu we love you <3

  5. I didn't know you have to act someone who you are not, for now, because of these heterosexist bullshit. I wouldn't even guess that, if you didn't write this blogpost. Because you seem very strong and confident, and you also make people feel strong to survive. :)) Me and the other people like us will always be together. :)) I mean people have empathy ability, not only LGBTI people. :))